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The Cayman Islands Has So Much To Offer For Visitors And Residents


The Cayman Islands offer a unique lifestyle in the sun, swimming with stingrays, unbeatable diving and award winning restaurants.






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Countless visitors have fallen in love with the magic of the Cayman Islands. Some return as often as possible but many call Cayman their second home by investing in vacation properties.

Here are exerts from one happy traveler who couldn’t find enough wonderful things to say about the Cayman Islands.

“While the Cayman Islands (the name comes from the word for crocodile, although they were originally named Las Tortugas by Christopher Columbus due to all the turtles he saw swimming there) lack the ‘bling’ factor of their Caribbean neighbours such as Barbados and St Lucia or the flamboyant night-life of Jamaica or Cuba, it is certainly not just a diving-only destination.”

“With spectacular beaches plus luxury hotels, a vibrant restaurant scene including a ‘Flavour Tour’ on Grand Cayman where you can visit four or five different restaurants in a night, sampling the menu of each and the deliciously warm Caribbean climate, there is certainly more than enough to keep landlubbers happy.”

“However diving is what the Cayman Islands are best known for and the main reason for my trip and I stayed in a wonderful hotel on the stretch of golden sand known as Seven Mile Beach on the western side of the island where hotel guests spend the daylight hours sunbathing, drinking and swimming in the clear blue sea.”

“If you want more of a local atmosphere then just a short taxi ride away was the island’s capital George Town and many friendly restaurants where you could dine al fresco and watch the sun setting across the ocean.”

Georgetown Aerial

“As a British Overseas Territory (and with an international financial centre too, due to its reputation as a tax haven) award winning Grand Cayman is very well looked after: the beach is pristine, the roads are smooth and the whole island feels rather smart but unshowy.”

“However I soon swapped the opulence of the hotel resort for the more down-to-earth dive hostel at Cobalt Coast. This was better than a London swimming pool! The sea bed was a forest of waving plants and while the sensation of swimming underwater, the movement of the waves and the unexpected (to me) noise of breathing through a bubble-emitting mouthpiece did take some getting used to, it was an incredible experience, particularly spotting turtles, crabs and brightly-coloured fish in their natural habitat.”

“I also visited Stingray City, a slightly surreal experience which involved sitting on the ocean bed 10 feet underneath a boat while around 20 stingrays whirled around me whilst tried my hand at feeding them.”

Stingray City

“I simply had more to see on Grand Cayman first, so I headed off to the Botanic Park and the Blue Iguana recovery programme on the middle of the island. This was set up to save the native iguana from extinction (there were once just 12 of them). The hard work of its staff means that the blue iguana has been taken off the critical list but there is still much work to be done.”

“There was just enough time to fit in a night-time swim with luminescent sea creatures and a rather surreal visit to the 80-strong classic car collection of Norwegian shipping magnate Andreas Ugland where Ferraris mingled alongside Elton John’s Rolls-Royce and even the Batmobile from the 1950s TV series!”

After a quick visit to Little Cayman and Cayman Brac I can truly say that the Cayman Islands is a wonderful, unique, fun and above all beautiful and safe Caribbean destination. I was truly sad to leave and can not wait to return and maybe even linger a little longer!

For more information on how to make Cayman your home, please contact Milestone Chestertons Properties.

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The original article was written by Sarah Bridge for the Mail Online and was published on January 20th.

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