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Reopen Cayman. Join us and make the pledge!

Reopen Cayman. Join Us And Make The Pledge!

COVID-19 Free Cayman Islands
Reopen Cayman. Join us and make the pledge!

Reopen Cayman is the newest community initiative that Milestone Properties Cayman is proud to be a part of. This collaboration of Cayman business leaders represents industries across the private sector, dedicated to supporting and educating the community - working together towards the safe and timely reopening of our beloved island's borders. 

Whilst the real estate industry has so far been spared the devastating economic downturn caused by the global pandemic, the negative effects on tourism, hospitality, and other industries will eventually trickle into others. Many other businesses have been greatly impacted and in some cases, even forced to shut down. 

Milestone Properties Cayman is dedicated to moving towards a Cayman where we are confident that we can live safely with COVID present in the community. We are Ready, Willing, and Able to Reopen - we welcome you to pledge with us!

For more information and updates, check out Reopen Cayman on Facebook and Instagram.

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Reopen Cayman. Join us and make the pledge!

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