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Cayman Kai, Rum Point & Northside

Grand Cayman’s Northern area includes Rum Point, Cayman Kai, Northside & Queens Highway.

The area boasts a true spectrum of blue in the surrounding waters, bright turquoise to azure to sapphire depending on the depth that ranges from ankle deep to three miles! Colours of sandy beaches ranges from pure white to slightly pink from particles of coral. The area is a 45 minute drive from the airport or a short boat ride across the North Sound, but has two shopping centres within 25 minutes drive. Northside play park is popular with locals and tourists.

Types of Properties Available in this Area

Mainly beachfront homes for sale, from seaside cottages to estate-sized properties. Condo devevelopments include the Rum Point Club, Kaibo Condo's, Villas' of the Kai and Island Houses. This community is very popular with overseas investors as it has a strong short-term rental market. Owners retreat from the cold winters and hectic work weeks and rent them out while they are not in Grand Cayman. With no annual property tax, income or corporation tax in Cayman, rental returns can be high and profitable. Luxury Cayman Villas have a superb collection of beachfront villas for short term, luxury rental.

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With cool sea breezes and balmy evenings. Rum Point and the Queens Highway coastline tend to get the prevailing northeasterly breezes.

History of the Area

Northside was one of the original Cayman communities and was only connected to the rest of the island around 40 years ago, when it was quicker to sail around the island than navigate through the dense tropical bush! Cayman Kai and Rum Point have been developed over the past 30 years and play home to magnificent beach villas, famous Rum Point and Kaibo.


Local beach bar and restaurant, Kaibo host a ‘Luna del Mar’ full moon party and every weekend and an anual Kitefest, residents flock to the calm shallow waters off Rum Point’s beach for a decadent mudslides.

Other Unique Points of Interest in this Cayman Community

Starfish Point is home to a number of starfish, and is a popular spot for residents to moor their boats and enjoy the sandy beach. The fascinating natural phenomenal of marine bio luminescent is most visible in the waters of Cayman Kai, where you can take nightly kayak tours around dark moon. The Crystal Caves nearby are another natural wonder which has recently opened to the public.


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