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Can Cayman Real Estate Help Increase Your Investment Portfolio?

Can Cayman Real Estate Help Increase Your Investment Portfolio?

Can Cayman Real Estate Help Increase Your Investment Portfolio?

There are such a wide variety of investment opportunities in the Cayman Islands including anything from asset management, hedge funds and annuities to offshore banking. The Real Estate Market is no exception and here Milestone Properties will take a brief look at how Cayman Islands Real Estate can help increase your investment portfolio.

When considering new investment opportunities there are several prerequisites that can indicate the suitability of the location.  It is certain that The Cayman Islands ticks many of the boxes with positive indicators such as a strong economy, politic stability, sophisticated modern first world infrastructure and state of the art telecommunications.

This is coupled with a beautiful climate, growing population, outstanding health services plus a thriving financial industry, active tourism market and one of the lowest crime rates in the region.

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Traditionally overseas investors have considered The Cayman Islands an excellent location for real estate investment. Partly because of its close proximity to the United States but also because of  its approach to foreign investment.

Here is a breakdown of some of the incentives that are not found in other locations and attract investment to the three sunny isles of Cayman:

  • The Cayman Islands is a British Overseas Territory
  • No restrictions against foreign ownership of real estate in Cayman, and ownership is guaranteed.
  • As a premier Caribbean vacation destination, Cayman condo’s and villa’s are highly sought after for short term rentals, especially those on the beach.
  • There is a large expat community (roughly half the islands population) and therefore a strong rental market.
  • It is the fifth largest financial centre in the world and offers a wide selection of financial institutions, banks and mortgage lenders, all with competitive rates.
  • No Direct Taxation – this includes no income tax, inheritance tax, capital gains or property tax.
  • With no annual tax due there is great potential to make good returns on your investment.
  • Investors are not required to pay taxes on income from leasing a property within the Cayman Islands jurisdiction.
  • Property sales are subject to a one-time stamp duty which is currently set at 7.5%
  • There is a modern and sophisticated land registry system, where all property are assigned a unique block and parcel number.
  • A ‘search and stay’ can be lodged to prevent any other interest from being registered against the property.
  • Investors can purchase land in the Cayman Islands and will normally have no obligations to develop it.

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Confidence can also be gained from the continued development and economic growth across the Island, such as the expansion of Owen Roberts International Airport slated to be completed in 2018. The opening of Health City, a 1200 bed private hospital in the East End. The redevelopment of the old Hyatt hotel, the completion and official opening of the Kimpton Seafire Hotel & Resort on Seven Mile Beach, the FIN and VELA condominiums in South Sound are just a few examples of how Grand Cayman is expanding.

Historically, the islands, especially Grand Cayman have seen slow steady growth over many years and unlike many countries Cayman properties are typically priced realistically and competitively which has helped to protect investors from heavy losses in times of recession.  Together with many highly professional real estate companies, Cayman continues to be a major contender for investors.

The Cayman Islands offer many impressive locations and quality Cayman Islands properties for sale. Whether it be waterfront homes, canal properties or Cayman Islands luxury real estate on Seven Mile Beach you are guaranteed to find the right property.

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In conclusion, everything suggests that the Cayman real estate market has a bright future and for those looking to increase their investment portfolio owning Cayman property is a serious must-have option.

Here at Milestone we work in partnership with our clients to help them meet real estate investment goals. We believe in Quality over Quantity which in turns give you the utmost personal service with peace of mind. As a Member of CIREBA (Cayman Islands Real Estate Brokers Association) we have access to each and every listing currently on the market whilst providing you the ease of dealing with only one agent.

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So ask your Cayman Islands property agent for more information today and invest in the Cayman Islands!


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