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Seven Habits Of A Successful Realtor


Inside every successful business you will find individuals who understand the importance of reflecting their own joy and contentment into their work day and career. Take one look at them as they go about their day and you will perceive them as someone who wholeheartedly loves what they do.

It’s no different in a real estate brokerage and the Cayman property industry. In order for a realtor to work at an optimum level with both colleagues and clients successfully in Cayman real estate it’s necessary to optimize the Self.

There are countless blogs and books with advice on how to, but here at Milestone Properties in the Cayman Islands we find that the habits listed below work really well for us when it comes to selling the idyllic island lifestyle and in particularly Grand Cayman real estate. Our small team’s work habits and ethics come from years of experience within the industry and we still use these habits on a daily basis.

Infographic: House hunting in Cayman? A Guide for Expat Buyers

Morning Rituals

For some it’s exercise or walking the dog, for others its breakfast and a blog or the news. Whatever it is, it’s important to enjoy self-time during these morning rituals. It’s a time where you can reflect on the day ahead. Once you walk out the door you’ll know what’s ahead, at least in terms of work.
For us at Milestone the mornings involve all of the above and catching up on the latest Cayman Islands Properties on social media and platforms like CIREBA (Cayman Islands Real Estate Brokers Association) where all current Cayman real estate for sale is listed as a part of a multiple listing system.

Infographic: House hunting in Cayman? A Guide for Expat Buyers

Countless studies and articles have proven time and again that exercise is as important for the physical body as it is for the mind. Nothing aids the brain quite like fresh oxygen. Exercise also helps against lethargy and that keeps the mind and body alert during work hours. In Cayman we are fortunate enough to have the beach, warm water and great weather all year round so Sophie Miles from Milestone Properties makes a point of paddleboarding as often as she can and walking the beach with her two island dogs in tow. It reminds her of the pristine beauty of her surroundings and the fact that she’s lucky enough to live in a tropical paradise.

Infographic: House hunting in Cayman? A Guide for Expat Buyers

Fresh air and the great outdoors

There’s simply nothing like nature and the great outdoors to help you appreciate where you live. And since you’re selling real estate where you live, your love and passion for your surroundings or neighbourhoods will only help you in the selling process. Knowing your neck of the woods (so to speak) will definitely have a knock on effect on your prospective buyers. This is one of the reasons why Sophie enjoys time well spent on her boat at places like Stingray City and Starfish Beach. Boating to and from restaurants is just as much fun and makes for fantastic weekend diversions. We love where we live and we love to share the lifestyle with our Cayman Islands property investors.

Infographic: House hunting in Cayman? A Guide for Expat Buyers

Time management

This is an important factor and one that many individuals have a tough time with. Stick to appointments, work towards them and be prepared for them. That way you will not be wasting your own time or more importantly, that of your client’s when you do a showing.

At Milestone Properties we make every minute of the day count, our clients will appreciate that too as we don’t waste their time. Island Time can really set you back when you live in the laid back Caribbean so we have asked ourselves what our time is worth and once we determined that we started working like every minute is worth that number.

Infographic: House hunting in Cayman? A Guide for Expat Buyers

Plan the week

If you know you have showings, work toward being prepared for them with all the information required for the listing. Research any additional information that the buyer might want to inquire about. If you don’t have any showings, spend your time on securing them. Cayman Islands Real Estate offers a fantastic variety which is why Milestone plans showing and meetings around our clients’ budgets, dreams and ideas of the place they will eventually call home.

Infographic: House hunting in Cayman? A Guide for Expat Buyers


In the world of a realtor, having a network is invaluable. Building that network takes time so the Milestone Properties’ agents have joined social clubs, we’ve taken the time to meet fellow gym members and we attend fundraisers and conferences. Nick Sellars as a member of The Greenies (the local cricket team) connect with fellow team mates at practice and happily partakes in the mandatory happy hour post-match! As mundane is it may appear some days we make the effort to get out and go to business after hours because we just never know when or where we’re going to meet a prospective buyer or have the opportunity to hand out a business card, share some valuable tips with a stranger and make long lasting and positive impressions.

Infographic: House hunting in Cayman? A Guide for Expat Buyers


Your reputation is everything. Therefore you need to work hard on always keeping yours in good standing. Milestone keeps this top of mind every time we work with colleagues or clients. It is after all our good name and reputation that have created a positive impression and this is where word of mouth referrals have become a staple. There is simply no better advertising in the Cayman Islands real estate industry than word of mouth and a faultless reputation.

Infographic: House hunting in Cayman? A Guide for Expat Buyers

About Milestone Properties; Based in the Cayman Islands, Milestone Properties is a small but personable real estate company where we believe in quality over quantity in everything we do. We believe that it’s OK to have less listings on our books than our competitors because we service those vendors better, we give our vendors all of our time, we give our buyers real advice, we are real people and we love real estate!

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