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Elle Decoration – Interior Design Trends For 2016, Cayman Style


Elle Decoration just published the 2016 interior design trends. And Milestone loves nothing more than keeping an eye on what’s hot and what’s not. In this blog we take a look at what is predicted for 2016 in terms of interior styling and design, compared to what we have on offer inside some of the trendiest and stylish homes in Grand Cayman.

Stainless Steel

According to Elle, the most popular appliance colour seem to change every few years – remember the days of pastel ovens and mint green refrigerators? – and now it looks like polished stainless steel is on the way out and sleek black is the new trend matched with grey cabinets…..we’re not sure if this will win our hearts in Cayman, do you?


We still love the clean look of a pure white kitchen, which is why we can’t wait to see the first kitchens at VELA being installed. Any design by Davenport Development is always a good one and with their move from transitional Spanish, as seen in San Sebastian to a far more modern, with the new ‘White Ice’ collection by Whirlpool will reflect the cutting edge, almost futuristic geometry of the exterior.


Dining Rooms

Sit-down family meals are making a comeback, as they should and more homeowners are opting for a formal dining room instead of converting them into media rooms or offices. Elle featured this sophisticated pale Amethyst ensemble.



Two tone kitchens

Back to the kitchen, Elle predicts bold kitchens with a texture and colour and taking a risk by pairing two different cabinet styles together. This kitchen image is indeed stunning.


The KW kitchen in Sugar Reef on Old Prospect Point is ahead of the style game, blending the concept of a two tone kitchen beautifully with a stained Walnut finish combined with the matte white, to provide ample working and storage space, centred around an island that deserves its own cocktail hour and appetizers from the wine and coffee bar that’s not in the shot below.


Bathroom accents

Details in the bathroom are often overlooked and Elle predicts that statement mirrors will be a sure way to not only add value but also to add detailed statement in 2016.


We feel that the bathroom in Sugar Reef makes an even grander statement than any mirror can. Just imagine lounging in this Victoria + Albert freestanding bath tub with the light reflecting through this stunning custom installation. We felt that this bathroom actually needed its own showcase, for more photo’s click here.



Tech-less living rooms 

Tech-filled homes certainly aren’t going anywhere, but according to Elle and Houzz, more and more families are opting to keep their family rooms unplugged in order to facilitate more family time. This photo is proof that a house can look smart without being full of gadgets.


And Milestone couldn’t agree more. Put down the iPad or your iPhone and look at this view of South Sound, Grand Cayman from the living room in Willow Beach. The pool and the beach beyond. Wide open spaces for you to enjoy with family and friends. Who needs a TV when you have this panoramic view, and surround sound of the waves on the beach and water garden to the side.




Apparently it’s cold somewhere, which is why fire places, even non-working ones (figure that one out for yourself) are becoming a focal point. Instead of placing a large TV above the fireplace or ignoring it all together, people are now arranging their furniture to put the fireplace center stage.


But in Cayman, we’re keeping it Kool, the jaw dropping view, the cool ocean breezes, the seamless blend from the indoors to the perfectly white sandy beach a few steps away, the only focal point in the Kool One is the complete beauty of your surroundings in one of Grand Cayman’s most sought after locations. Note the coffee table below, could be an ode to a log basket?


Mixed materials in kitchens

The 2016 predictions for mixed materials in the kitchen will eschew the perfect polished look for a more eclectic vibe. Instead of incorporating only one or two materials, homeowners will turn to a variety of styles to create a truly personal space. This Manhattan kitchen features a rustic wood ceiling, a white subway tile back splash, a vintage inspired rug and shiny white counter tops.


But in Cayman, we only need to take one look at the kitchen at Villa Nina to know that the mixed material trend has already been established. Granite counter tops paired with dark wood cabinets, accented by stainless steel appliances and completed with a calming indigo blue back splash. Cayman, as always is on-trend.


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