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Cayman voted Best Hedge Fund Services Jurisdiction

The Cayman Islands was named best hedge fund services jurisdiction at the 2015 Hedgeweek Global Awards in London.

Hedgeweek is described as the largest online news publisher serving the investment and wealth managers market. Minister of Financial Services Wayne Panton said the Hedgeweek award confirms that Cayman is a preferred place for doing business. “This truly is a...
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Grand Cayman’s new Airport Expansion will greet travelers in 2018

The Cayman Islands has worked diligently in expanding it's tourism sector. In fact, 2014 saw a record number of tourists visiting our sunny shores and being introduced to our Cayman Kind initiative that includes a variety of accommodations, award winning cuisine, outstanding water sports and a seemingly endless list of activities ranging from cultural events...

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The Cayman Tax Advantage

A recent article in the Financial Times highlighted the differences between Jersey and Guernsey, mainly comparing the different taxation rates but also property prices and lifestyles. This is interesting reading when you then compare the Channel Islands with the Cayman Islands and its tax neutral environment, and a much more favourable climate in both...

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Cayman Property Market Review

The Cayman Islands’ 2014 Cayman Property Review revealed a 120% upsurge in areas such as Seven Mile Beach condominium market, a drastic change when compared to beachfront condo sales in 2013. RICS surveyors Charterland revealed in their analysis there was a total of 178 sales of Seven Mile Beach individual condos last year, compared...

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Chestertons International Expands their Global Network to Monaco

“Monaco, being one of the world’s pre-eminent destinations, is a valuable part of our international associate network and we look forward to working with Monaco Villas in the cross referral of business. It represents an important addition to our expansion plans and ties in well with both our existing network and the recent openings in...

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Affordable Health Care Services now in the Cayman Islands

Can Dr Devi Shetty replicate the India success of Narayana Health in Cayman Islands, and deliver affordable, quality health care to the Western markets? For now, he is happy to have made a start.

Devi Shetty
Dr Devi Shetty
From his sprawling health city in Bangalore’s Hosur area, Dr...
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Welcome news for Cayman Islands property owners

High net worth individuals who own vacation homes and investment properties, or are considering purchasing a villa in the Cayman Islands can look forward to a number of beneficial changes in immigration regulations which are expected to make life even easier for wealthy visitors, business people and current or prospective property owners visiting the Cayman...

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At Milestone Properties Cayman, we know that there’s much more to selling a property than simply putting a ‘For Sale’ up and a small ad in the Cayman Compass, then waiting for the offers to roll in. Milestone knows that there is an art to preparing your property up for sale in Cayman’s competitive property market, thoughtfully and carefully making it as attractive as possible to today’s homebuyer. If you want to sell your home quickly, it’s important to disguise any off-putting features and highlight desirable attributes – and ensure you’ve made the right judgment on which elements fall into which category. Although everyone has their own individual list of ‘must-haves’ and ‘don’t-wants’ when they’re considering which home to buy in Cayman, there are still some general rules that are well worth following.

You’re selling a lifestyle
This is the first and most important thing to remember. The people buying your home in Cayman will have an image of their ideal self in mind, which they want your home to complete, so play up to this as much as you can with elegant, modern features that suggest a refined and comfortable lifestyle. To re-enforce certain lifestyle factors highlight the accessories accordingly; set up the sun loungers with some beach towels, carefully arrange the fishing rods or lay the dining table as if you are about to entertain your closest family and friends….and even if you don’t use them, set up a hammock on the beach! Studies have shown that ‘upgrades’ such as wine refridgerators and jacuzzi baths add value to a property, while dated design features like avocado bathroom suites have a negative impact. Believe it or not, 15% of buyers have even admitted that they would pay more for a property that had a premium boat moored on the dock or luxury car parked in the driveway.

Don’t let your personal taste take over
It’s no secret that people love to decorate once they buy a property. Putting your own stamp on a house is what makes it a home, but selling up means allowing potential buyers to picture themselves living there instead. However you feel personally about magnolia walls, 20% of buyers are more likely to make offers on homes with neutral colour schemes, while the same figure would be immediately put off by old-fashioned DIY paint effects like rag rolling. Painting over your feature walls could save you a few weeks on the market, so it’s worth the short-term cost and effort.

Attract, don’t distract
People aren’t buying your furniture, they’re buying your property, so don’t let any exotic pieces stop them from appreciating the layout of your home. Controversial design elements like mirrored ceilings and taxidermy collections may put off some buyers, and even artistic nude paintings can prove distracting. Limit the number of family photographs, your children’s ‘works of art’ and dog toys to a minimum. The rules about neutrality apply to the furnishings as well as the walls, so while a still life of a fruit bowl is unlikely to do any damage, quirkier pieces may be best kept in storage until you’ve found your own new home.

Emphasise your best features
The features that appear on the ‘positives’ list time after time are custom kitchens, quartz countertops and speciality floors, so if you have any or all of these elements, it’s important to make them stand out. Ask your photographer to feature them prominently in the professional photographs of your home, and ensure that they’re not hidden beneath carpets or ornaments. Also, point out to your realtor that you have a certain grade of hurricane rated windows or energy efficient A/C units, help them realise the value on your home. You can improve your chances of a good sale even further by enlisting the help of Milestone Properties Cayman Ltd, trusted property professionals with years of experience and success in the Cayman real estate market, we can offer friendly, expert advice to help you through the process from start to finish.

Cayman Islands Properties For Sale

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Ocean Front South Shore Three Bedroom Penthouse

Ocean Front South Shore Three Bedroom Penthouse

CI $355000

  • 3 Bed / 2 Bath
  • 1550 Sq. Ft.


CI $525000

  • 3 Bed / 3 Bath
  • 2598 Sq. Ft.
Periwinkle - Waterfront Townhome

Periwinkle - Waterfront Townhome

CI $925000

  • 3+ Bed / 3+ Bath
  • 3600-4200 Sq. Ft.
Periwinkle - Courtyard Townhome

Periwinkle - Courtyard Townhome

CI $765000

  • 3+ Bed / 3+ Bath
  • 3200-3600 Sq. Ft.