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Cayman Islands receives Top Ratings yet again

TripAdvisor recently announced the winners of the Traveler's Choice Awards for 2015 and Grand Cayman was included in the Top 10 in three categories.

In the category of 10 Best Islands in the Caribbean, Grand Cayman was placed third and under the category of Top 10 Destinations in the Caribbean, Grand Cayman's awesome Seven Mile Beach...
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Caribbean economy grew 4.6 percent in 2014

The Caribbean region as a whole is growing economically, driven by tourism, according to a new regional economic report from Integra Realty Resources Inc., and Cayman helped lead the way with tourism growth of almost 11 percent.

The report ranks the Cayman Islands as 13th in the region, excluding Mexico, for stay-over tourists. Cayman’s economy grew...
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Cayman voted Best Hedge Fund Services Jurisdiction

The Cayman Islands was named best hedge fund services jurisdiction at the 2015 Hedgeweek Global Awards in London.

Hedgeweek is described as the largest online news publisher serving the investment and wealth managers market. Minister of Financial Services Wayne Panton said the Hedgeweek award confirms that Cayman is a preferred place for doing business. “This truly is a...
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Grand Cayman’s new Airport Expansion will greet travelers in 2018

The Cayman Islands has worked diligently in expanding it's tourism sector. In fact, 2014 saw a record number of tourists visiting our sunny shores and being introduced to our Cayman Kind initiative that includes a variety of accommodations, award winning cuisine, outstanding water sports and a seemingly endless list of activities ranging from cultural events...

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The Cayman Tax Advantage

A recent article in the Financial Times highlighted the differences between Jersey and Guernsey, mainly comparing the different taxation rates but also property prices and lifestyles. This is interesting reading when you then compare the Channel Islands with the Cayman Islands and its tax neutral environment, and a much more favourable climate in both...

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Chestertons International Expands their Global Network to Monaco

“Monaco, being one of the world’s pre-eminent destinations, is a valuable part of our international associate network and we look forward to working with Monaco Villas in the cross referral of business. It represents an important addition to our expansion plans and ties in well with both our existing network and the recent openings in...

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Affordable Health Care Services now in the Cayman Islands

Can Dr Devi Shetty replicate the India success of Narayana Health in Cayman Islands, and deliver affordable, quality health care to the Western markets? For now, he is happy to have made a start.

Devi Shetty
Dr Devi Shetty
From his sprawling health city in Bangalore’s Hosur area, Dr...
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Welcome news for Cayman Islands property owners

High net worth individuals who own vacation homes and investment properties, or are considering purchasing a villa in the Cayman Islands can look forward to a number of beneficial changes in immigration regulations which are expected to make life even easier for wealthy visitors, business people and current or prospective property owners visiting the Cayman...

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